music diary #1

Dear readers,

I came up with the idea to write about how i am doing with my music. This is the first blogpost of my music diary series. In 2019 I have been working on my EP “No More Violins”. It definitely went with ups and downs and not every track I made, made it to the EP. I published my EP “No More Violins” on February 16, 2020. The EP was pretty experimental, because it was actually my debut EP. It included ambient, hip hop and lo-fi inspired tracks.

I also made a remix of Promised Lands by Katrina Cain and posted it to my Metapop account, I made it for a remix contest. It was actually the first time for me to remix a song. It was such a fun experience for me and I loved working with Katrina’s vocals.

Now I want to work more with vocals. Lately I have been practicing making Lo-Fi, R&B type of music, because I love that a lot. On February 29 2020 I published “Another One”, a song with female vocals, which I got from Splice. Splice has really been an inspiration source for me lately. In the future I want to make more tracks with vocals in it. For now, I am planning to use vocals from sample packs, but meanwhile I am practicing using my own vocals and figuring out a way with it. Using my own vocals on my tracks is a big dream for me, but it also comes with insecurities of course. “Am I singing in the right key?” “Does it sound good with the track?” However, I am very excited to work on my new music. I will publish a new track very soon, which will include vocals as well. It has chill Lo-Fi and R&B but also atmospheric kind of vibes. I will post on my blog about my new song as soon as it is out!

Well, that’s it for now. I will keep you updated about my music journey.

Hope you have a wonderful day ♡

Skylar Nevaeh

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