no more violins - debut EP description

NO MORE VIOLINS - EP description

This EP is about learning, growing, emotions, making mistakes, getting back up again and being satisfied with the end results. It is my debut EP, I made it myself, at home.

No More Violins is the leading track on the EP. It contains a dark piano and strings, which gives off sad vibes. While making this track I was inspired by the drums in other hip-hop tracks and I build my beat further on this aspect. When I finished this track the name “no more violins” came to my mind and I thought it fit the song perfectly, because of the sad but also empowering feeling I get when I listen to this track. Violins of course refers to the violins as a leading instrument in the track, but it is also a ‘pun’ on the word ‘violence’. This track is titled “No More Violins” as I dislike violence.

For the track Swan Dance I got really inspired by listening to Lo-Fi Hip Hop and tried to make similar beats. That’s when swan dance was ‘born’. Swan Dance is a fun track I made, with Lo-Fi HipHop vibes. The cellos in the track gave me a swan lake fantasy kind of ‘feeling’, so that’s why I decided to name the track ‘swan dance.’

Get Back Up Again is the second track I published online after the track called ‘Dull’, which was the very first track I ever published, seperate from the EP. Get Back Up Again, as the title says, is about getting back up again after something happens we feel bad about or if we feel like we made a mistake. Trying to learn from the experience and moving on, I feel like that's an important part of life. As long as we don't give up there will be light after darkness.

Alien companion is a track that has a lot of ambient vibes. It has spacy synthesizers and therefore made me think of aliens. Alien Companion refers to having a friend, or a relationship of any kind that feels out of this world. A very strong connection that’s difficult to describe.

Big bear tears is an emotional track to me because of the strong piano and spacy synthesizer combination. The repetitive words “and I miss you” also makes this track touch my heart. Big bear tears tells you it’s okay to cry, it’s okay to be sad about something and it is definitely okay to share this with someone you trust. I feel ashamed of crying sometimes, but I know crying is a human emotion and it’s a part of life. It feels good to cry when it’s needed and I feel way more free afterwards.

Calm before the storm is a serene track on the EP. It fits more into the ambient category of music. Calm before the storm refers to the calmth and peacefulness there can be before something big or unexpected happens. It gave me a “it’s almost going to rain” kind of feeling.

Pleasantly surprised travels from dirty instruments and a punchy bass to soft instruments, the track ending with subtle string instruments. It shows that nothing is what it seems, especially at first impression. There are more sides to a story. Also people can have multiple personalities. This track displays this. Someone can be a soft person in this world but also be able to be strong at certain points in life when it’s needed. This, most of the time, is when someone realizes they are stronger than they actually predicted themselves, when strength is all there’s left to give.

I am excited about publishing my first EP and I am curious about what the future will bring in terms of new music I’ll be working on. I’m prepared to grow, have fun, face obstacles and enjoy the journey.

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If you are interested in buying the EP, you can visit: www.skylarnevaeh.bandcamp.com.

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